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Quizzes and animal riddles.

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Prepare to embark on an exciting journey of discovery as we dive into a series of captivating quizzes and delve into the realm of intriguing animal riddles.

At the end of the quiz, you will be able to see how many of your answers were correct and which ones were wrong.

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Animal Riddles..

Get ready to test your knowledge with these quizzes and challenge your mind with animal riddles!

There are 10 questions you need to answer, and you have to do it in 100 seconds.

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I’m too big to be a pet, I might be large with a small head, but once I’ve seen something I’ll never forget. Who am I?

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I make a web around the place and catch prey by biting or stinging. Who am I?

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I am the biggest reptile living in the water and have a shoe named after me. Who am I?

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When in water, I use my flippers to glide and on snow, on my belly I’ll slide. What am I?

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I am a domestic animal living in the field. I like to eat grass and produce milk. Who am I?

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I am called the king of the jungle and it’s hard to tame me. Who am I?

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I like to hum and fly in the air. Also, sip nectar from the flowers. Who am I?

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I fly all night and sleep at dawn, when I do that, I hang upside down. Who am I?

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I might be tiny but I can lift things that are about 5000 times my weight, if I want to climb a tower that is tall and mighty. What am I?

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I am the fastest animal but cannot climb the tree. Who am I?

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Get ready to engage your intellect, learn fascinating facts about the animal kingdom, and have fun solving these brain-teasing challenges that will both entertain and educate you.


These riddles have been enjoyed for generations as a fun and interactive way to engage with language, sharpen cognitive skills, and learn interesting facts about different animals.

They are commonly used in educational settings to promote critical thinking and vocabulary development among children and can be a delightful pastime for people of all ages. 


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